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My Course is Step-by-Step, written by a master judgment enforcer, for those who want to become a professional.  It's   readable, informative, even funny, and takes you through all the steps to be a success. 

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    Yes, Judgment Recovery is a fascinating , but it is also  a much needed service to every community. Isn't that the secret to business success -- finding a niche that is common sense, interesting, and doable, as well as meeting community's needs?
    You've looked at other Home-Based Businesses, and now you are looking at this one. Why is this business so different? Because every year billions of dollars of court awarded judgments go uncollected. They are uncollected because the court can't force a debtor pay. And the plaintiff the case doesn't know how to make the person pay.                         
    However, there are powerful legal and investigative tools
available for recovering this judgment money.
  Judgment Recovery isn't regular "debt collection," because you will actually have a court that says the person owes this money. And you have legal and investigative tools to locate this money and other assets and seize them.
You can have that great part-time or full-time  business
you've always wanted
   Judgment Recovery is not a "get rich quick" business. If you've been told that, you have been misinformed. If you've seen sites that say "No computer necessary" and "You don't even have to get dressed," then someone is certainly stretching the facts.
     Peter Santa
  What are the facts? That Judgment Recovery is a practical business you can jump into or grow into, for either part-time or full-time income. Part time, can make anywhere from $500 a month extra to $5000 a month extra. 
Or, it can become your full-time profession,
earning you much, much more.
As in any business, you need the right tools. That's what this Step-by-Step Course provides. Look at this scenario, and put yourself in the position of the
 Judgment Recovery Specialist (JRS):
    John Creditor is a nice guy. He lends $5000 to his brother-in-law, Bob Debtor,  so he can purchase a car. But Bob doesn't pay him back.   So, John Creditor goes to small Claims Court and wins a judgment for $7,000.00. He is ecstatic!
     Now comes the big surprise. Bob debtor doesn't have to pay.  John has to make him pay.  And John doesn't know how.
    So, John turns to you for help. You're the one in your community with the knowledge and skills to do it.
 What can you do?
    As a J.R. Specialist, you know how to locate where Bob works and garnish his wages, locate where he banks and seize the money, put a lien on his home, and take his car to be auctioned. And, if he has a business, you know how to have the sheriff sit there and collect money form the customers, make his clients pay you directly instead of him…and much, much more.
    You may be wondering how you get the judgment into your name.  
After all, you're not an attorney.   At first you're not that familiar with courts.
     Well, every state has a provision where the Original Judgment Creditor (the plaintiff who won the money judgment) can assign the rights, title and interest in his judgment to another person. He can assign it to you. In effect, you now own the judgment.
    That means you are the new Creditor. Of course there is a contingency arrangement where you return to the Original Judgment Creditor a percentage of what you recovery. Typically that percentage is 40% to 50%. And the Original Creditor is happy to assign it. He's not getting anywhere, and wants you to take over and use your skills.
I know how it works, and I know how to teach it because I do it every day. 
Yes, I am actually in this business full time. 
I'm not a course salesperson. I actually do it all.
    I wish I could say that it's easy, but it's not. I work hard for my income, and enjoy it too.  And you can make that much only if you have the same motivation and drive that I have.  If you have less time, you may make less. It's still a great part-time income.   But don't believe the websites that say it's like picking money off trees.   It's not.   It's a real business, and takes real business skills and ambition.  
    The promise from me is that I will provide the best beginning course available, and the only Step-by-Step Course that will take you through to the advanced level . And I will give you ongoing mentoring support through my E-Group.  Yes, all course members become part of a Yahoo E-Group where they can ask questions of seasoned Judgment Recovery Specialists. Some people are paying thousands of dollars for such mentoring.  Mine is free (really), and it's ongoing. 
    This is free with the Course, forever. You take hold of the course and use the E-Group to assist you, and you'll succeed. Take a look here:
  This Step-by-Step Course is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course available anywhere. It is written by me, Peter Gilboy, Ph.D. I'm a real person doing this business full time. You can put my name in and see my personal history. It's varied-from being a university professor to a U.S. Intelligence operative. Now I'm doing this, and doing well.
   Judgment Recovery courses have been available for 15 years. When I started my own business -- Judgment Trackers -- I purchased all of them, looking for the best one. As I now look through the Web, these same courses are still available with little or no changes. And although some have elements that are helpful, they are tailored only for the beginning phase of your business.   And some are put out there by marketeers.   But you know that.
   I know you can outgrow this beginning phase in a short time. This is why I designed his Step-by-Step Course to include comprehensive advanced materials as well. This is the only course geared for the average person that starts with step one and takes you carefully through each of the professional procedures you will likely encounter.
What does the Step-by-Step Course include?
  •  Step-by-Step instructions on how to get court judgments into your
  •  Secrets about locating even more judgments from your desk. 
  •   How to know which judgments are the best ones to accept.  (This  
     is where beginners usually make time-consuming mistakes)
  •  Step-by-step procedures—beginning to advanced—on how to 
     effectively enforce these judgments!
  •  Also ... 
     › How to handle those very large judgments--$25,000 to $1,000,000.
     › Full instructions for setting up a SMART OFFICE—step by step.
     › How to go from part-time to full-time.   And should you?
     › Free ongoing support through our friendly Yahoo egroup —  
       Judgment  Recovery Business. 
  •  You'll Also Get ...
      › Information about which "Private Investigator" databases are the
       best, and how to subscribe to them.
      › How to create spin-off businesses for even higher income!
      › A 60 page Guide "Your Website: Getting it Up and Getting
       Traffic."    We’ve gathered the best information from numerous  
       seminars and website professionals. -- ($65 if requested  
What is the cost of this course?   $249
 This Includes:
  • The Latest and Best Judgment Recovery Course Available Anywhere-
and the only one that provides beginning to advance materials
  •  Our Ongoing E-Group Mentoring Support From Many Top Professionals
  •  Our Website Secrets Guide to Help Drive Customers to Your Business
    (It's not enough just to list yourself with the search engines.)
You're Thinking: "Okay, that sounds good.
 But is satisfaction guaranteed?"
Absolutely!   I have a No Risk, 30 day return policy. If you don't agree that it's the best JR training available anywhere, just return it.  
Not a problem. 
  And, if you're considering another course, and they too have a guarantee, why not get both courses and keep only the best? I’m confident you'll love my course. **And if you can show me that another course is superior to mine, I’ll buy the other course for you. That’s how sure I am that this is the best course available.
 Please note: While judgment enforcement laws are similar from state to state, some states are better for this business than other states.  That's why I ask you to call me and let me know what state you are in.
   So, if you would like to know about the specific rewards or the possible limitations in your state, please feel free to email me at Or, my personal home number is 619.758.3552. (Yes, it really is my home number.  Don't tell my wife I gave it out. )
Special note to those who 
already purchased another course:
   If you previously purchased a course, and now discover it to be too general and not Step-by-Step, or if you are already up and running but now find yourself ready to go beyond the start-up phase, this Course is available to you at a discount. Just tell me which course you purchased, and we'll subtract $50 from the regular cost. Just $199.
     Again, if you have questions, you can also call me directly at my home number—619.758.3552.  I actually answer the phone. If I'm on the other line or busy with my own cases, just leave a message and I'll call you right back.  Or email me at
      More coming on my new site! 
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